The Voice


Courtney has an assignment to do requiring the recording of her poem, but after realizing her tape recorder is broken she conveniently bumps into Mr Clark who gives her another one. Meanwhile Courtney and her best friend Fran have a vendetta against each other and when strange voices are heard from Courtney’s recording, both girls contemplate if she is going crazy. It is when a mysterious Mr Clark reappears and offers to help Courtney, she is unaware he could be connected to the voices, pushing the tension between the friends towards a dangerous conclusion.


Courtney – Sophie Airdien
Fran – Faye Sewell
Mr Clark – Paul Hughes
Boyfriend – Michael Kinsey

Supporting Cast 

School Student #1 – Megha Dhingra
School Student #2 – Vaida Sermontyte


Director – Neilson Black
Producer – Neilson Black
Writer – Carly Gregory, Neilson Black
Story – Carly Gregory
DOP – Valerio Filardo
1st Assitant Camera – Marcello Fusani
Editor – Harry Baker
Composer – Sean Clarke
Sound Mixer & Designer – Kostas Mastorakis
Art Director – Dave Anga
Art Department Assistant – Noela Salvatierra
Production Manager – Carly Gregory
Make Up and Hair – Vani Bohdjelian, Jennifer Trinity
Gaffer – Cal Vaccarro
Spark – Guillermo Diez
Clapper Loader – Hubert Wolanski
Photography – Sophia Wilson, Joseph Thompson
Production Assistants – Andoni Martinez, Amy Jackson