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Based in Warwick Avenue, London, a French writer Dominique has a sex addiction which stops him from focusing on a manuscript for his agent, Avril. With no help from his therapist, he turns to Christianity. Along his road to recovery he bumps into his ex Lizette who suffers from the same illness, and eventually understands – with faith in Christ – beating his illness requires saving another soul as well as his own.


Dominique – Sebastian Badarau
Lizette – Solveig Haugen
Avril – Laura Menendez
Therapist – Alister Albert
Priest – Anthony Chisolm
Restaurant Manager – Alexander Devrient|
Marek – Paolo Coruzzi
Church Lady – Anna Fiertag

Supporting Cast

Running Woman – Nathalie Rosario
Buskar – Carlos Santos
Couple #1 – John-Ross Ogiesewu
Couple #2 – Marian Orakwue
Lunch Woman – Elena Falleti
Girlfriend #1 – Maisie Gee
Girlfriend #2 – Vanessa Ofori
Girlfriend #3 – Lily Catalifo
Girlfriend #4 – Effy Willis
Church Person #1 – Presslav Shipkaliev
Church Person #2 – Vivienne Pinkney
Restaurant Person #1 – Matthew Larmond
Restaurant Person #2 – David Landau


Writer/Director – Neilson Black
Producer – Oliver Woodward, Neilson Black
Director of Photography – Satinder Gill
Editor – Goran Baba Ali
Composer – Sean Clarke
Art Director – Noela Salvatierra
Make up Artist – Jennifer Trinity
1st Assistant Director – Lisa du Plessis
1st Assistant Camera – Pablo Schmitow
Sound Designer – Charlie McConville
Art Department Assistant – Rebecca Stothert
Production Assistant – Soraya Dominguez
Behind the Scenes – Ray Majid


The Grace Thrillers, Arthur Macgregor, The Bridge House, Anerley Methodist Church, Raul Dominguez