The story is set with teenagers at a summer camp. Ellie has the reputation as the best racer, but has confidence issues and is met with a very competitive spirit, Annabelle whom wants to make the Olympics team. Annabelle alienates Ellie and as a result loses respect which includes her boyfriend Lawrence. As the final race nears, Ellie has to make a decision to overcome something she never has, and if so will get the good things in life, which doesn’t just mean winning the race.


Ellie – Faye Sewell
Annabelle – Angelique Llewelyn
Lawrence – Nicholas Anscombe

 Supporting Cast

Summer Camp Instructor – Rob Craine
Instructor’s Assistant – Carly Gregory
Summer Camp Teenagers – Jack Watkins, Paul Stokes , Reg Wantling, Roxana Haloiu


Writer & Director – Neilson Black
Producer – Neilson Black, Bronwen Jones
D.O.P – Valerio Filardo
1st Assistant Director – Aine Ryan
Editor – Goran Baba Ali
Music – Emer Aine Landers
Sound Recordist – Javi Lopez
Second Unit Camera – Michael Tomlinson
Photography – Michael Tomlinson, Saffie Cooper
Sound Designer – Kostas Mastorakis
Script Editor – Danny Stack, Rob Craine


Sonia & Wayne Momka & Action Days Out, Henfold Lakes, Rob Craine, Michael Tomlinson, Dominos Pizza.