Growing Pain


Based in Holland Park of London, England lives Joey, a fifteen year old nerd whom is unlucky with girls. He has a tooth problem and needs to go to the dentist. It is there he meets his dream girl Rosie and builds a strong like for her with frequent daytime visions. Eventually he makes his approach, but after another unsuccessful result, he comes to understand the ‘right’ girl was actually standing in front of him the whole time.


Joey – Samuel Davies
Rosie – Lucy Laing
Lotti – Faye Sewell
Cindy – Katie Bass
Dr Peterson – Steve Mancour


Writer & Director – Neilson Black
Producer – Neilson Black, Bronwen Jones
D.O.P – Dani Tot
Editor – Dani Tot
Sound – Zsigmond Varga
Composer – Zsigmond Varga
Make Up – Jack Hopkins
Photography – Saffie Cooper, Michael Tomlinson
Script Consultant – Rob Craine


Bronwen Jones, Coley Kenward & Partners Dental Practice, Cherryduck Production, Katarina Allen, Maison Blanc, Bursting Buds & The Telegraph Pub, Imre Endre.