Growing Pain News

The film is complete and now at the start of it’s marketing. It is live on the Pattern Maker site and it’s Youtube and Vimeo accounts. Keep updated with the results of the screenings and festivals it has been put forward too.

Growing Pain is on IMDB

The movie has it’s first screening at: Exploding Cinema, Friday 27th September @ The Canterbury Arms, Brixton. My last short film was screened there, they must like my stuff, I could possibly become an event resident to them!  It is a  passionate organisation and a good warm up event for festivals.

Growing Pain Production Day 2

Got home late and back up early for day two as you do in the world of film. I had all the equipment etc. loaded and drove over to sunny Holland Park in West London. The unit base was at my friend Katrina’s Allen’s house which was also one of the shooting locations. The cast and crew called for the early start were nicely on time, which was pleasing to see them all there when I got there. The only main hazard for the day was the parking.

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Growing Pain Production Day 1

Here we go and ready to go, the pre production and everything before the big days had come to an end. I can honestly say I was nervous, but you got to feel the fear and do it anyway, you got to work through those uncomfortable feelings. The rehearsal was done at the Telegraph pub, it was a smooth and interesting process to see the script coming to life through the different stages.

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Growing Pain Pre Production

It’s been two months of day in and day out graft to get this project through pre production. Being the producer as well as the writer and director it has been demanding and challenging, both at the same time sometimes, but a challenge worth taking.

Growing Pain being the birth project to Pattern Maker is exciting. An experiment to get it just right so it can set a good tone for the company. Hopefully it can set a good standard whilst always staying true to Pattern Maker’s style and vision of course.

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