A Ghastly Murder

Lauren and I have been buddies now for a few years. Ever since we worked together for the first time on Café Mirage we have created a bond. Since Café Mirage we spoke about her narrative directional debut A Ghastly Murder. We also worked on my new short film Fade and she recommended me as director for a feature film which is still in development stage.

From the initial conversation Lauren had a big passion for A Ghastly Murder. She went to town on the planning and preparation for the film. Her background is primarily documentaries, confessing herself as a “doc girl”. That medium isn’t my strong suit, but it was interesting to learn Lauren’s history. I think having my heavy narrative experience was good support to this project.

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Fade – Production


This is a project that I wanted to make to prove to myself that I can write and direct to someone else’s brief. My entire career as a writer/director, I have only written and directed my own stuff. The next step for me was to have the confidence to work the other way around therefore it can feel more like a proper job in a way.

The project came to me initially from my actor colleague Ndongo Faye who I worked with in my previous project Café Mirage. Ndongo played Gustave, the head chef, one of the main supporting roles. He had written a monologue and sent it to me for feedback. At the time I wasn’t planning on doing any big projects like another feature for instance, Café Mirage was a long project and took it out of me. I was toying with the idea of moving into the branding world and creating little fiction videos for companies, unfortunately nothing came of it. So along came Ndongo’s monologue and I fancied a short film, to keep me active, growing, learning, not too long and to have more content out in the world to keep me relevant.

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French Gems

Here is a list of recent and current French Gems I recommend watching.

When Margaux Meets Margaux

I saw this film at Raindance Film Festival in 2019. Excellent French film and I am keen to find out how I can watch it again. Seems to be a rare and limited releasing. Currently it is available to stream and buy on DVD in Taiwan region. The director Sophie Fillières is a well established director, even though this is the first time I am introduced to her, she has a new fan and I am keen to see her other work.

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