Founded by Neilson Black, Pattern Maker Films is an independent production company specialising in narrative short and feature films.

The soul of the company works with the philosophy of “dreaming an inspiring idea, paving a path for its audience to follow. Dream, Lead and Inspire”.

From a young age Neilson found a love for films and made them with his dad’s old JVC camcorder. At twenty he went to film school then became a runner to learn the business whilst writing scripts. He eventually founded Pattern Maker Films to apply his philosophy and vision “dream, lead, inspire” to the world of moving images.

The company currently has six short film’s and one feature film in its portfolio. Its second feature film is currently production with a scheduled spring 2020 release.


Neilson is an incredibly enthusiastic and passionate filmmaker and working with him is always fun and inspiring. He brings 100% of himself to each project and ensures his other team members do the same. His work is always to the highest professional standard and being on his set is always a joy – Aine Ryan, Actress/Writer

It is inspiring to work with people that prove themselves against the odds. Pattern Maker Films embody the very essence of films made out of passion  – Yannis Tsakiridis, Editor

I had the greatest of times working with Neilson and the crew. His drive, passion for stories and compassion for the human spirit was what drew me to the Paradis project. Wish the film all the best and hope the audience will have the same great time watching it as I had working on it – Sebastian Badarau, Actor

I had the pleasure of working with Neilson and Pattern Maker Films twice. In both cases it was a great experience. Neilson is a passionate director who knows what he wants! – Alexander Devrient, Actor

Neil is a strong storyteller, has a good team around him, creating a positive working environment while bringing their creativity and voice to the screen. I wish Pattern Maker Films all success – Rob Crane, Script Editor

I was so fortunate to work with Neilson Black. He is extremely resourceful Director, highly creative well organised with bags of integrity. Watching him direct/interact and engage with the Actors was amazing he always got the best out of them. Neilson oozes passion and it is infectious. On set he is a true professional, he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. An absolute pleasure to work with him – Lauren Lorenzo, Producer

Neilson is a pleasure to work with, his deep knowledge of cinema and accurate understanding of storytelling makes him an outstanding collaborator on any production. As a director, Neilson creates a positive space on set for the cast and crew to be creative, while enhancing a strong artistic vision – Ariel Artur, Cinematographer

I loved working with Neilson. We worked together on his last feature and that was such an amazing experience! I met great people and Neilson made sure everything went well on set. I find Neilson really focused and determined. He is also really passionate and calm. He listens and always tries to do his best to make everyone happy. He is hard working and I love that about him. I really hope to work with Neilson again in the future! He is such a talented director – Victoria Malinjod, Actress